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Bulb Energy began supplying energy to UK homes in August 2015. Since then, they have grown to over 1.5 million customers and are the 7th biggest energy supplier in the UK. Bulb’s popularity has led to them expanding internationally into Europe and even the USA.

Bulb’s mission statement is simple and has never been seen before in the energy industry. Their mission is to help members to reduce the cost of their energy bills at the same time as reducing their carbon impact – how is that possible? Well, Bulb Energy offers just one variable tariff with 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas.


An example of Bulb’s dashboard

Bulb’s Service

Bulb vocally refer to themselves as ‘disruptors’ in the energy industry, and they’re trying to shake up the industry with their service. One way in which they’re doing this is with their dashboard and user areas.

If a nice looking dashboard is what you look for, then you don’t need to look much further than Bulb. The same can be said for their mobile sites, which look just as great at the desktop experience. Submitting a meter reading is also a breeze with Bulb – they’ll email you to remind you that it’s time to submit a reading, and within a couple of clicks you can have your reading sent off.

Bulb’s Customer Experience

They have attracted customers by promoting a 4.8 out of 5-star review rating on Trust Pilot. They also advertise low prices, and they have promised to only use 100% renewable electricity. One thing that really sets them apart from the rest is their exit fee refund. If you switch to Bulb and your previous supplier has charged you exit fees, Bulb will refund your exit fees up to £60 per fuel! Once approved, the refund is credited to your Bulb account.

Community is a big part of Bulb’s overall ethos, and Bulb customers are able to access their Community area to get advice from other Bulb customers or to get help about your account. Once inside, you’re also able to read customer feedback or jump into a conversation to talk about your ideas.

If you switch to Bulb from a standard tariff with one of the ‘Big Six‘ suppliers, you can save on average £254 for dual-fuel home. They will keep you updated throughout the process and your welcome pack email will include your straight forward switching timeline – here’s an example of what that looks like:


Bulb’s switch timeline and meter reading input

Bulb’s Prepayment Tariff

If you have a prepayment (sometimes known as a top-up, or key) meter, then Bulb is currently one of the cheapest suppliers in the country. Bulb’s ‘Vari-Fair Prepayment’ tariff is £181 cheaper on average compared to other big suppliers’ prepaid tariffs.

You will be able to top-up your meter in over 28,000 places including Payzone or Paypoint. Bulb prepayment customers can activate emergency credit, which gives users £5 credit for electricity or £10 credit for gas. After using Bulb’s emergency credit, you’ll pay this back when you next top-up.

Should I switch to Bulb?

Overall, Bulb seems to be good value for money and Bulb’s customers are happy.

The biggest drawback could be the idea of being on a variable tariff… this means that the unit rates could increase at any time whilst they supply energy, but Bulb pledge to always give their users a 60 days notice if this is going to happen. In theory, if the wholesale price of energy goes down, Bulb should pass this saving on to users in the form of lower unit rates. 

There no minimum term contract and if you wanted to leave, you’ll be free to switch away if you find a better deal elsewhere. Bulb’s online community will keep you feeling well supported and Bulb has one of the lowest levels of complaints compared with other energy suppliers.

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