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With a user base of over 700,000 customers, First Utility have now become Shell Energy following their recent rebrand.

Shell, who you may be familiar with through their large petrochemical operations, have underlined their growing interest in the power and renewables sector by confirming that they will now supply 100% renewable energy to their new user base.

There is expected to be a host of new smart home technologies following the rebrand, with the launch of new smart thermostats and home electric vehicle charging features anticipated in the coming months.

“We are building on the disruptive nature of First Utility to give customers something better. We know that renewable electricity is important to them and we are delivering that, while ensuring good value and rewarding loyalty,” said Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy Retail Ltd, in a statement. “We want to attract customers with fair pricing, strong customer service and innovative offers that set us apart from anything available today. Later this year, we’ll be announcing a string of exciting services that offer greater convenience to householders and help make homes more efficient.”

It’s not just snazzy home features that Shell are looking to offer to customers – they’ve also announced that Shell Energy customers will get exclusive discounts at Shell fuel stations too!

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What does this mean for First Utility Customers?

Well, nothing really. The only difference is that there’ll be a different logo at the top of your bill from First Utility. There are no disruptions to supply expected, and no changes to direct debit amount, date or frequency either.

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